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Twenty Minutes from Home contacts technical recruiting managers at companies that have been identified as Best Places to Work, Most Innovative, Fastest Growing, or Most Influential (Lists). These companies are eligible for inclusion in various companion print compilations of the 20 Minutes from Home corporate profiles and are invited to contact us directly for more details (Contact Us).

In addition, any employer may apply directly for an online profile (Contact Us).

All in-depth profiles are company-sponsored. Contact us for details on pricing (Contact Us).

To speed up the process, the following steps are useful in preparation for interviews by 20 Minutes from Home:

• Identify those managers in the organization that can best provide an overview of the technology, business, and culture. Typically, 20 Minutes from Home interviews one to three managers over the phone. We generally interview:
     • The CIO, Director of Applications, CTO, Partner, Principal, or President for the Technology Section
     • The CIO or Vice President of Human Resources for the Business section
     • The VP of HR or the Technical Recruiting Manager for the Culture section.
     • Each section is generally covered in a 20-minute interview.
     • Questions are supplied in advance.

• Gather materials that would typically be provided to new hires, giving an overview of benefits, mission, products and services, history, annual report.

• If your site does not provide it, gather a list of recent awards.

• Check recent in-depth profiles at 20 Minutes from Home (Earthlink) to learn the general format of the profiles, and to compare the information provided in sample job listings with your site's listings (Job title, Education, Experience, Skills, Location).

We look forward to talking with you! (Contact Us)