"Our data center is backed p by a huge generator, in case of a brown-out. The system goes straight to the UPS while the generator starts up automatically. It could give power to 25 city blocks. We also have enough diesel fuel to run 3 days straight."
– Paul Schnee, Senior Technical Recruiter

Sun SPARCs, Solaris, UNIX

C++, Visual Basic, ORACLE, Vantive

Internet service provider Large shop

Fast Facts
Revenues: $986.6M (2000)
Employees: 7,377 (2000)
Founded: 1994
Internet service provider (ISP)
Public: ELNK (Nasdaq)
CNet: Editor's Choice (2001)
Mobile Computing: First Class (2001)
PC World: Best ISP (2000)
Fortune: e-50 Internet Index (1999)
Forbes: ASAP Dynamic 100 (1999)
Internet World: Top 50 (1998)
1375 Peach Tree 8 North
Atlanta, Georgia 30309
(404) 815-0770

Set up your Internet connection in ten minutes. Not 80 hours, as Sky Dayton did when he first signed up for Internet access. Owner of a coffeehouse, Dayton envisioned the Internet as a worldwide, virtual, real-time coffeehouse. But, not if it was too hard to get in/on. Dayton started EarthLink as the answer to consumers, not geeks, who wanted to surf. Now there are real surfboards at EarthLink's former Pasadena, California headquarters. Similar frustrations prompted Charles Brewer to start MindSpring in Atlanta the same year Dayton started EarthLink. Technical support 24 hours a day, with a live representative. Easy installation and user interface. The merger of former competitors and equals was initiated in 1999 and completed in February, 2000.

A set monthly fee. No longer than five minute's wait for a live person to answer the phone to help walk customers through any problems. The separate companies earned awards for growth and leadership in the ISP industry. EarthLink's initiation of a flat monthly fee for Internet access forced all other ISPs to adopt the new pricing scheme. The combined companiew now have more than 4.8 million customers. Shy of America Online's 30 million, but competing on round-the-clock customer service and ease of installation and use. Now, it is Digital Subscriber Lines (DSL), broadband and high-speed access, that is forcing others to keep up.

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