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Job Boards: For Techies

The job boards listed here specifically target jobs for technical professionals.

  • collects resumes and job listings through a series of more than 100 high-tech career fairs annually across the country. Ranked in eWeek's Top 10 IT Recruitment Job Sites
  • This site was started in Atlanta, by two contract programmers. Known for its billboard advertising, it is using a recent influx of venture capital to expand its business model to other major cities.
  • Offers permanent, contract, and consulting jobs.
  • is the IDG job board. Match this with Computerworld's search capability for finding articles about companies of interest.
  • is the job board for the Open Source Development Network site.
  • The company recently purchased, a recruiting firm that publishes a quarterly company profiles booklet, this site offers access to online training, and is starting to localize its reach, as in
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Job Boards: National

These are some of the most common job boards and include all types of jobs, including those for technical professionals.

  • America's Job Bank has two million job seekers. Named as one of Fortune's Notable Web sites.
  • is one of the few sites generating real revenues.This site was founded by recruiting professionals and specializes in helping companies manage the recruiting process. Recently purchased by Knight Ridder and Tribune Co., it will oversee With a network of 50 job sites, it has access to 3 million job postings. Named as one of Fortune's Notable Websites.
  • Crawls the web for new job postings.
  • Started by techies. Being acquired by CareerBuilder.
  • is the most recognized site by hiring managers contacted for 20 Minutes from Home. This site spent half of its previous year's revenues on their SuperBowl ads - two years in a row.Can block selected companies (like your employer) from seeing your resume. Named as one of Fortune's Notable Websites.
  • Following its successful book series listing the types of jobs at major companies, and with its facility to submit resumes simultaneously to a list of human resource departments, listed as one of Fortune's Notable Websites.
  • Interactive job fairs and software for simplifying online resume submission. Named as one of Fortune's Notable Websites.
  • With 250,000 resumes and a calculator for geographic salary differential, named as one of Fortune's Notable Websites.
  • This site is probably the largest of the job boards and grew out of the business of yellow pages advertising. It is the second most recognized job site among hiring managers contacted for 20 Minutes from Home. Named as one of Fotune's Notable Websites.
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Job Boards: College

These sites are geared specifically to the new or soon-to-be college graduate.

  • signs up soon-to-be graduates on campuses, music festivals and sports events . Within 3 years of its founding, JobDirect, in an independent poll, was attracting nearly half of all college students looking for jobs through the Internet, almost twice as many as its closest competitor.Started by two recent college graduates, look for their innovative JobDrive vans used to scour college campuses collecting resumes.
  • started in order to automate the manual process of job postings then common at colleges, Jobtrak is the oldest of the college recruiting boards.Acquired by, now called
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Job Boards: Portals

The major portals also offer resources to job candidates, including links to career sites and company research.

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Job Boards: Regional

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Job Boards: Freelance

  • was named one of Fortune's Notable Websites for its 300,000 resumes and a marketplace for freelancers.
  • is a marketplace for independent professionals to bid on projects posted by customers. It could be called an eBay for contract work. Named by CIO magazine as one of their WebBusiness 50 and by as one of the Best of the Web in the B2B category.
  • has a great series of ads showing someone in their bathrobe, commuting (walking downstairs to a laptop on their living room coffee table), eating lunch with colleagues (toddlers), in meetings (swinging a golf club on the patio). Be careful of their pricing policy, under Terms and Conditions. While it is currently a flat fee of $7,500 to an employer for placing a candidate, they reserve the right to change the fee, without notice, obligating customers to pay the new fee if they use the service.
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Salaries vary by geographic location, by industry, by size of company, by function, and by level of responsibillity. These sites help candidates evaluate salary expectations.

  • offers salary information for contract programming and full-time jobs. Based on submissions by readers, it is constantly updated, and neatly categorized by region, function, and level. Started by a contract programmer to help others set their rates, the webmeister has been a free lancer, consultant, and Computerworld contributor for twenty years.
  • shows salary ranges for jobs posted for full-time, contract, and contract-to-hire positions, including the city and industry. RHIC is a contracting services and recruitment firm.
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Online Stores

Bookstore managers report that when techies enter a bookstore, they look neither left nor right but head straight for the computer books section. Here are some of the best online sites, both specific and general, for computer books.

  • invented online bookstores.
  • is the online marketplace for the bricks-and-mortar Barnes & Noble bookstore chain.
  • is the home of the "...for Dummies" series. Its parent, Hungry Minds, allows readers to create custom books with mix-and-match chapters.
  • is aimed specifically at technical professionals. Formerly Computer Literacy Bookshop, now owned by Barnes &
  • specializes in technical books. Their online resource centers list books by technical category for sale, as well as free articles about various technologies, like Perl, XML, Python, and Security.
  • was originally for professional scientists. This site now offers some of the hardest-to-find technical books.
  • An IT programming arm of Robert Half, Robert Half International Consulting offers several books with job hunting tips, including Job Hunting for Dummies, written by the company's President.
  • provides professional and academic titles.
  • is an arm of John Wiley & Sons, a publisher well-known for its deep list of technical books.


    ACE the IT Job Interview! (McGrawHill/Osborne), by Paula Moreira. Excellent resource for preparing for interviews. Questions and detailed, technical answers for candidates for database administrator, e-commerce architect, IT management, Programmer, Security specialist, or web developer positions, among others, as well as how the interview process works and how to stand out in on-campus, telephone, job fair, telephone, and meal interviews.

    ACE the IT Resume (McGrawlHill/Osborne), by Paula Moreira & Robyn Thorpe. The only book we have found on how to tailor your resume for specific IT specialties. How to make your resume scannable, attachable, and searchable for maximum hits. This book also includes an objective analysis of why your resume may not be getting you return phone calls and an encyclopedia of resumes tuned to specific IT positions, including database administrator, technical writer, Director of IT, and ERP Consultant.
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News & Communities

Techies report these as some of their favorite daily stops.

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General Resources

These resources are comprehensive lists of related sites and considered premier in their category.
  • provides lists of magazine and newspapers Top 10/100/500 lists. Maintained by George Price, a librarian at George Washington University. The list is organized by most recent additions first, then by industry categories.
  • provides an overview of Internet resources for job seekers. Maintained by Margaret Dikel (formerly Riley), a consultant specializing in searching out online resource. Dikel also teaches seminars on the subject.
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