"We look for people who thrive on change, who are comfortable in a chaotic environment."
– Tom Darrow, Recruitment Manager

Varied hardware OS/2, Windows NT
Software vendor Large shop


XcelleNet, Inc., develops and markets software that provides communications capability between remote and mobile computer platforms and centralized environments in a distributed client/server environment. Their flagship product, RemoteWare, also features an agent capability that queues transactions while waiting for a connection.

Founded in 1986, XcelleNet is publicly held and has revenues of $27 million. The company’s 240 employees are based in Atlanta, Georgia. XcelleNet was named to Fortune magazine’s Fast Tech 50 in 1994 and reported as the only Leader/Visionary in mobile business computing by a Gartner Group analyst, a designation that signifies the ability to execute successfully a company’s product and marketing vision.



XcelleNet employs 120 computer professionals. Half of these work in software development; the balance in customer support, help desk, and customer installation groups. Job titles include Software Engineer, Lead Software Engineer, Project Leader, Development Manager, Senior Development Manager, Technical Architect, and Technical Officer.


Computer professionals work in cubicles in a nonsmoking environment. Travel is limited to those supporting remote field installations or international users. Standard office hours are from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM. A 40-hour to 50-hour week is standard, with no overtime pay. Computer professionals are offered the opportunity to work independently in a friendly, collegial environment for a fast-paced, rapidly-growing entrepreneurial company.

XcelleNet observes 10 holidays and offers 7 sick days a year. Employees earn two weeks of vacation to start, three weeks after four years, and four weeks after eight years. The company pays for disability and life insurance, for tuition reimbursement, and the majority of the costs of medical insurance. The company matches employee contributions to a 401(k) plan and there is an employee stock purchase plan (ESOP). There have never been any layoffs.


Computer professionals should have technical skills matching XcelleNet’s environment (C, client/server, communications and networking skills). A college degree is preferred. Candidates should be able to work well in a team environment. Trainers and consultants must also have excellent communication skills. Current staff members have from 3 years to 15 years of experience and an average of a Bachelor’s degree. The company does not hire entry-level professionals.

With XcelleNet’s recent growth spurt, the company hired 80 new computer professionals in the past year. Candidates are found through employee referrals (50 percent), employment agencies (20 percent), advertisements (20 percent) and a combination of Internet and unsolicited resumes (10 percent).


Letters and Internet e-mail inquiries are preferred.

Mr. Thomas Darrow, Recruitment Manager

XcelleNet, Inc.

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