"We are the largest DB2 shop in the world."
— Frank Erbrick, CIO

IBM ES900s, AS/400s, DECs COBOL, PL/I, DB2
Package delivery Large shop


United Parcel Service (UPS) uses 132,000 cars, vans, and tractor trailers, together with 226 of its own jets to deliver 3 billion parcels and documents annually for 1.3 million customers who receive daily pickup services. More than 50,000 drivers place at least half a million calls a day to help the company keep track of its deliveries, making UPS the largest cellular user in the world.

Founded in 1907, UPS employs 315,000 people. Publicly held, the company is based in Atlanta, Georgia and has revenues of $19.6 billion. UPS and Motorola recently reengineered the delivery cycle to reduce the time it took to ship computer chips from Motorola's Asian factories to its customers from its previous four to eight days down to 72 hours. UPS recently earned Information Week's Excellence in Technology award, including the number one spot for transportation companies. The company was ranked number nine among Fortune's Most Admired Companies and number one of Computerworld's Best Places to Work/Global 100.



UPS has eight IBM mainframes, primarily ES9000s, along with several hundred IBM AS/400s, a Tandem switching network, and 125,000 PCs, all networked in an X.25 protocol. Software development is in COBOL and PL/I, with a 20 Terabyte DASD DB2 database. The company has built a tracking system that is the largest imaging application in the United States. The system sorts and assigns bar codes to packages using voice technology, and uses electronic data interchange (EDI) extensively.

UPS has 4,000 computer professionals. Staff members recently deployed 53,000 handheld data collection computers to drivers and introduced a service on Compuserv and Prodigy that allows customers to request pickup services. The company also pioneered an advanced barcode standard (UPScode - now called MaxiCode) which contains up to 100 characters of data on one square inch, rather than the current 30-character standard. Future projects include the rollout of handheld computers to UPS's international business and a system to provide real-time electronic tracking information on the 12 million packages shipped daily.


UPS hires a mix of in-house and outside personnel for its information technology division, ranging from trainees to highly experienced personnel. Candidates should be able to communicate effectively, work independently, and handle substantial responsibility. Current staff members have from 0 to 30 years of experience and Bachelor's degrees. The company does hire entry-level computer professionals and has a 10-week training program for them. UPS typically hires 300 computer professionals a year.


Letters are preferred.

Mr. Frank Erbrick, CIO

United Parcel Service

55 Glenlake Parkway NE

Atlanta, Georgia 30328

(770) 432-9494

Job hotline: (770) 246-9900


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