"We are performing the business process reengineering for information technology."
– Don Boone, Director of Architecture

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TransQuest Information Solutions (TransQuest) is a joint venture between Delta Airlines and AT&T to provide information technology services to the travel and transportation industries. The company provides software development, maintenance, and support to Delta, its primary client. Delta's information technology services were outsourced to TransQuest, along with the majority of Delta's computer professionals, when TransQuest was formed in 1995.

TransQuest is a limited partnership with 1,200 employees and estimated annual revenues of $200 million. TransQuest is responsible for maintaining all the operating and application systems that were formerly Delta's, along with developing an open systems architecture to integrate them and marketing those systems that may have broad appeal in the transportation industry. Delta, however, retains the management responsibility for its information systems. Delta's reservation system has been transferred to another new company, Worldspan. Delta is profiled elsewhere in this guide.



During 1995 and 1996, TransQuest reengineered Delta's systems to migrate them from Hitachi mainframes running Natural, Adabas, and DB2 to an open systems environment. The new systems are written in C++ and access Sybase databases of reusable and distributed objects. The systems run primarily on Sun, HP and AT&T servers under UNIX with clients running under UNIX, MS-DOS, and Windows. The clients are connected to the servers over high bandwidth TCP/IP frame relay networks.

Job titles for the company's 1,100 computer professionals include Systems Engineer and Software Engineer 1 through 8. Staff members recently developed an aircraft weight balance system that can be accessed by pilots to determine how luggage and fuel have been distributed within the aircraft for balance during a flight. This system was developed in C++ on AT&T and HP UNIX servers and will be available on 40,000 devices to 2,000 users.


Computer professionals work in cubicles in a nonsmoking environment. Computer professionals are offered the opportunity to work for a start-up venture, which is emphasizing the deployment of new technologies such as object-oriented systems development with reusable objects in a client/server environment.


TransQuest looks for computer professionals with broad technical experience with a variety of systems. Object-oriented systems development in a client/server environment is particularly helpful. A college degree is preferred. Current staff members have an average of 11 years of experience and Bachelor's degrees. TransQuest does not hire entry-level computer professionals.

TransQuest's original staff was hired directly from Delta's information technology group. New hires are found through contacts within the transportation industry.


Letters are preferred.

Mr. Don Boone, Director of Architecture

TransQuest Information Solutions

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