"NCR people are active in just about every community project you can name."
— Philip Neches, Senior Vice President, Chief Scientist

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NCR's line of automated accounting equipment started with a cash register powered by an electric motor. NCR's product line now includes the NCR DBC/1012 massively parallel processing system, UNIX-based midrange systems, automated teller machines, the Teradata database management system, and StarLAN networking software. NCR's products are particularly well known in the banking, retail, and telecommunications industries.

Founded in 1884, NCR is headquartered in Dayton, Ohio. The company now has 52,400 employees with revenues of $7.1 billion. NCR is a wholly-owned subsidiary of AT&T, based in Basking Ridge, New Jersey. NCR consistently wins industrial design awards for its products. NCR's tradition of community service includes support for the United Way, scholarships, and food drives.



NCR uses its own NCR System 3000 series, along with Sun and HP workstations. New development is primarily in C and C++, under UNIX and MS-DOS. Staff members use the AT&T Bell Labs tool set, Baseworks, and Mentor's graphics software.

NCR's computer professionals work in product development or MIS. Job titles in product development include Engineer I through VIII. Level V is a first-line manager; Level VIII is an NCR fellow. The MIS department has similar career paths for Programmers and System Engineers. Computer professionals recently developed Framework, a C++/UNIX-based tool set for developing client-server applications on the NCR 3000.


Computer professionals work in an open floor plan area in a nonsmoking environment. The need for travel varies, becoming greater with increased responsibility. Professionals frequently need to work overtime, which is uncompensated; 50-to-55-hour work weeks are normal, with a heavier need during critical times.

Computer professionals work on leading-edge technology in the application of microprocessing to open systems. They also enjoy substantial opportunities for advancement, training, bonuses, and stock options.

NCR observes 10 or 11 holidays and offers two weeks of vacation to start, to a maximum of five weeks. The company's flexible benefits program includes medical, disability, dental, prescription drug, and life insurance; tuition reimbursement; retirement and profit-sharing programs; and company-matching 401(k) savings plan. The company also offers discounted automobile and homeowner's insurance, car leasing, and AT&T long-distance cards.

In previous layoffs, NCR offered job search assistance, continued benefits, and severance packages.


NCR looks for computer professionals with demonstrated competence in critical technologies (C++, client-server, dbms implementation, object-oriented programming), leadership potential, and good communication skills. Sixty to eighty percent of the candidates hired have Bachelor's degrees; half have advanced degrees. NCR does hire entry-level computer professionals.

Computer professionals at NCR have from zero to fifty years of experience. The company generally hires 1,000 systems engineers and MIS professionals a year. The majority are found through campus recruiting; the rest are found through advertisements, employment agencies, and in-house resume files.


A letter with a resume is preferred.

Director, Human Resources

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