"The ability to deal with people in this environment is indispensable."
– From response to Covin's Computer Job Guide questionnaire

Life Insurance Large Shop


Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company serves more than 1 million individual and group policyholders. The company is one of the oldest financial institutions in the United States. With over $22 billion in assets, Mass Mutual is ranked eleventh largest life insurance company in the country.

Mass Mutual was founded in 1851. The company has more than 10,000 employees. Springfield, Massachusetts is corporate headquarters. Customers include corporations, small to medium-sized businesses, and individuals. Revenue in 1989 was $4.9 billion.



Hardware includes an IBM 3090/AMDAHL system running under MVS, DEC VAX/VMS, and HP 3000 systems. Programming is primarily in COBOL, but includes BAL, some APL, FOCUS, and SAS. Additional software used includes DB2/SQL, CICS, KBMS, Computer Associates fourth-generation language CA-IDEAL, Hewlett Packard's data base management system IMAGE, and Texas Instruments' CASE tool, the Information Engineering Facility (IEF).

One thousand data processing professionals work for Mass Mutual. Within the Corporate Administration Group, they work in Information Systems Development and Information Systems Services. Job titles include Programmer Trainee, Programmer, Assistant Systems Analyst, Systems Analyst, Senior Systems Analyst, and Senior Systems Consultant. There is a dual career path in technical and management positions.

Three recent projects have included a rewrite of a new business system for the company's Individual Product Line, the development of a Strategic Investment System for the Investment Management Group, and a rewrite of the Group Claim Processing system.


All data processing professionals have workstations on their desks, primarily PS/2 model 70s. Smoking is limited to one smoking room per floor. There is little or no need for travel. The need for overtime varies greatly, but some is to be expected.

Mass Mutual is proud of its long-standing tradition of high-quality products, service to clients and corporate reputation. They offer computer professionals the opportunity to work on complex development projects using advanced development concepts such as Joint Application Design (JAD) techniques, job posting, exceptional training and promotion from within.

Mass Mutual observes 10 holidays. They offer 16 days of vacation. Flexible benefits include medical insurance, disability, dental and life insurance, tuition reimbursement, a retirement plan, vision care, child care, profit-sharing, and 401(k) plans. The company has an on-site fitness center, as well as a credit union, banking services and flextime. There have been no layoffs.


Interpersonal skills are critical, because of the heavy interaction with users throughout the company. Mass Mutual does hire entry-level computer professionals. Candidates should have strong interpersonal skills, an interest in a technical career, and good scores on a programming aptitude test.

New employees are found through a combination of ads, open houses and job fairs (70 percent) and employment agencies (30 percent). Mass Mutual typically hires between 30 and 50 computer professionals a year, with over half of these for entry-level positions.


Resumes are preferred.

Mr. Ken Blanchard, Associate Director

(413) 788-8411 x3785

Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company

Mail Code F026

1295 State Street

Springfield, Massachusetts 01111-0001

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