"We recently completed development of a client server, Al-based front-end to our policy application system."
– Matt Henderson, Vice President, Information Services

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Lincoln National Insurance Company sells life insurance, property and casualty insurance, small group policies, and annuities. Founded in 1903, Lincoln National has 16,900 employees and is based in Ft. Wayne, Indiana. Lincoln National is a publicly-held company owned by Lincoln National Corporation, also based in Ft. Wayne, Indiana.

Lincoln National has won a number of awards, including one for working mothers. Community service projects include refurbishing houses and directing profits from sales to low-income families, and providing assistance to flood victims. The company maintains an active corporate role in local public television.



Lincoln National has two IBM 3090 model 600Js, running under MVS/XA. It also has a number of RS/6000 client-server machines running under UNIX, and IBM PC workstations running under OS/2. Programming is primarily in COBOL, with some Assembler, as well as C on the UNIX and OS/2 platforms. Additional software used includes DB2, IBM, CICS, and the Information Engineering Facility (IEF) CASE tool.

Lincoln National employs approximately 550 computer professionals. Job titles include five levels of programmer from trainee to consultant. Eighty percent of the work is new development.

Computer professionals recently completed a Policy Production System (PPS) which is a client-server-based application using the Presentation Manager graphical user interface (GUI). PPS was written in Microfocus COBOL on PC OS/2s with interfaces to DB2, using artificial intelligence techniques. PPS is a front-end to the existing policy-handling system, streamlining the policy application process by linking all relevant information in a single system, eliminating rekeying and facilitating the tracking of new policy applications.


Computer professionals work in cubicles in a nonsmoking environment. Standard office hours are 8 AM to 5 PM. There is some need for travel, averaging five percent of an employee's time, depending on the specific project. Overtime needs also depend on the project, but generally occur as a project nears completion.

Ft. Wayne is considered an excellent community to live in and Lincoln National enjoys healthy growth and a good reputation in the insurance industry.

Lincoln National observes eight holidays. The company offers two weeks of vacation to start, increasing to more than four weeks. The company offers medical, disability, dental, and life insurance; tuition reimbursement; retirement and profit-sharing plans; and a wellness program. In past layoffs, affected employees were offered outplacement services; most were eventually hired back into other divisions.


Lincoln National looks for technical skills matching the company's environment (COBOL, DB2, IEF) and at least an Associate degree, preferably in Computer Science or a related technical discipline. Lincoln National does hire entry-level computer professionals. The company looks for candidates who have worked as interns in high school computer programs. The company stresses maturity and programming skills in selecting candidates.

The average computer professional at Lincoln National has education ranging from a high school diploma to a Ph.D. degree. Lincoln National is not currently hiring computer professionals. Traditionally, the company has found candidates through advertisements, employment agencies, college recruiting, and job fairs.


A letter with a resume is preferred.

Mr. Art Page, Director of Human Resources

(219) 455-2191

Lincoln National Life Insurance Company

1300 S. Clinton Street

Ft. Wayne, Indiana 46801

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