"Landmark Systems is a rapidly growing major software company offering challenging careers for systerms professionals."
– Kathy Clark, Excecutive Vice President

IBM mainframe Assembler, MVS internals, CICS, DB2
Software developer Large shop


Landmark Systems develops, markets, and supports performance management software for IBM strategic operating systems and subsystems, including MVS, VSE, DB2, CICS, and VTAM. All of Landmark’s products are integrated into The Network (TNET) for SystemView, the only family of performance management software in the industry that is networked. This networking is achieved by Landmark’s proprietary NaviGate technology. Landmark’s newest product, NaviGraph, the next generation of TNET, is an intelligent workstation environment under Microsoft Windows, 3.0, which provides a single point of access and control for cross-platform and cross-product systems management.

Landmark Systems was founded in 1983 by Patrick H. McGettigan and Katherine K. Clark. A third partner, Jeffrey H. Bergman, joined the founders later in 1983. Since then the company has grown from a three-person staff and $100,000 in revenue to more than 250 employees on both coasts and projected revenues of $45 million. Landmark has more than 7,000 customers in 70 countries. The company is headquartered in Vienna, Virginia.



Landmark Systems has two IBM mainframes. One runs multiple copies of MVS/ESA under PR/SM and uses VTAM, CICS, and DB2. The other mainframe runs VM/ESA with multiple VSA/ESA guest systems running CICS. Approximately 45 percent of Landmark’s employees are involved in the technical development and support of the company’s products.


Computer professionals work at the headquarters office in Vienna, Virginia. Some traveling is required. The technical staff participates in sales seminars, user group meetings, and technical conferences such as Guide, Share, and CMG.

Each member of the technical staff has a private office. Work hours are flexible. Overtime is generally not required. Landmark Systems offers computer professionals the opportunity for extensive in-house and external training.

Landmark Systems observes 10-1/2 holidays. They offer 12 days of vacation to start and 15 days after 1 year. In addition, the company provides 12 days of sick leave and 5 days of personal leave a year.

Landmark provides medical and dental insurance for employees and dependents. They also offer life insurance, short-term and long-term disability, a 401(k)/Profit Incentive Plan, and an Employee Stock Purchase Plan.


Landmark looks for people with a strong knowledge of some aspect of IBM operating system internals. Candidates should have solid skills in Assembler language and in CICS, VTAM, VSE, DB2, or MVS internals. For customer support positions, good communication and problem determination skills are required.

Landmark does not generally hire entry-level computer professionals. New employees are found primarily through employee referrals or employment agencies.


A letter and a resume are preferred.

Ms. Beth Hayes, Human Resources Manager

Landmark Systems Corporation

8000 Towers Crescent Drive

Vienna, Virginia 22182

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