"You work with so many different technologies and applications, you can be exposed to many different environments."
– Ken Mokler, NE Area Manager of Personnel and Staffing

IBM mainframe, mini, DEC COBOL, DBMS
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Keane develops customized software for major corporations. The company prepares feasibility studies, develops software application systems from design through implementation, and supplements clients’ data processing staff. The company was founded in 1965. They have 1,400 employees, with 360 in New England throughout Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire and Maine. Boston, Massachusetts is corporate headquarters. Keane’s clients are primarily among the Fortune 1000. Approximately 5 percent of their business is with government clients. Keane is publicly-held. Revenue was $60 million in 1988; $77 million in 1989; and $95 million in 1990.



Most Keane clients have IBM mainframe environments; some have IBM mid-range or DEC VAX systems; others have PC environments. Programming is primarily in COBOL and C, but also in PL/I and Assembler (BAL). Additional software used varies, but most mainframe data base management systems are encountered, including DB2, IMS, ADABAS, and CA-DATACOM/DB, as well as CICS and CA-IDMS.

Keane has 360 computer professionals in New England, all working for the Information Services Division. Job titles include Associate Programmer, Programmer, Senior Programmer, Programmer Analyst, and Senior Programmer Analyst. At this point, there is a dual career path, with the technical side leading to Advisory Analyst and Technical Consultant and the management ladder going to Project Manager, Account Manager and Systems Manager. Sixty-eight percent of the work involves new development on projects from start to finish. Computer professionals recently designed a DB2 data base for a major utility in New England. The system was developed to coordinate the delivery and installation of the company’s products.


Keane’s computer professionals work at client sites from Boston to Rhode Island. There are New England branch offices in Bedford, New Hampshire; Boston, Massachusetts; Meridan and Stamford, Connecticut; and Portland, Maine. There are additional branch offices in New Providence, New Jersey; Wayne, Pennsylvania; Baltimore, Maryland; Cleveland, Ohio; Oak Brook, Illinois; Rochester and Minneapolis, Minnesota; Atlanta, Georgia; Orlando and Tampa, Florida; and Rochester, New York.

The only travel for computer professionals is to the client’s site. Overtime is not required, but it is compensated at straight time. There is a cash bonus for working all billable hours in a month. Keane is proud of its growth and its dedicated staff. The company feels they offer computer professionals extensive opportunity for training and hands-on experience with a variety of hardware and software environments, as well as competitive pay and good benefits.

Keane observes 10 holidays. Employees start with 2 weeks of vacation and 1 day a year is added until the maximum of 4 weeks of vacation is reached. Expenses for medical insurance, disability, and for dental and life insurance (two times the annual salary plus $10,000) are shared. Tuition is reimbursed by the company. Keane adds half of the contribution to a 401 (k) plan. There is a stock discount purchase plan. The company offers the use of vacation condominiums in New Hampshire, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Florida to employees on a rotating basis. There have been no layoffs.


Keane looks for a combination of good technical skills in IBM or DEC and COBOL environments, together with data base or on-line programming experience. Candidates should present a good image and have excellent communication skills. The average computer professional at Keane has 2 to 5 years of experience and a bachelor’s degree.

The company does hire entry-level computer professionals. A bachelor’s or master’s degree in Computer Science or a related field is preferred, but other degrees are considered. Candidates should have some hands-on experience with COBOL.

New employees are found through employment agencies (20 percent), job fairs, ads, employee referrals (there is a $1,000 bonus) and direct sources. Keane hired 100 computer professionals in 1990.


Letters are preferred, but they will take phone calls.

Mr. Ken Mokler, N.E. Area Manager of Personnel & Staffing

(617) 863-0330

Keane, Inc.

430 Bedford Street

Lexington, Massachusetts 02173

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