"This is a fast-paced, fun environment."
– Andrew Watson, Vice President and General Manager

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Communications software Medium-sized shop


Global Village Communications, Inc. (Global Village), develops communications software for PC and Macintosh platforms, both for stand-alone and networked environments. Its products, such as FaxWorks, FaxWorks Pro, and FaxWorks ProLAN, allow any PC to be a facsimile (fax) machine. In a network environment, this means any PC or Macintosh can send a fax without a fax/modem card since only the server relays the fax. The company’s newest product, FOCALPOINT, combines fax, e-mail, voice mail, paging, and Internet access into one interface for stand-alone platforms.

Founded in 1989, Global Village is a publicly-held corporation based in Sunnyvale,, California with revenues of $144 million. The company employs 300 people, including 70 in Marietta, Georgia.



Software development is in C and C++ on PCs and compatible platforms. Macintosh and Wintel development is in the California office. The Global Village software products run on Windows 3.1, Windows 95, and Windows NT workstations and servers. The company’s 40 computer professionals work in the development group or on engineering teams.


Computer professionals work in cubicles and offices in a nonsmoking environment. There is a limited need for travel. Staff members may work from 40 hours to 80 hours a week. The need for overtime is cyclical, depending on product releases. There is no overtime pay. Global Village offers computer professionals the opportunity to work in a fast-changing segment of the computer industry: communications.

Global Village observes 10 holidays. The company offers two weeks of vacation. The company pays for medical, disability, dental, and life insurance as well as tuition reimbursement. It also funds a retirement plan. Employees are eligible for stock options and a stock purchase plan. There have been no layoffs, although some employees have been transferred between Georgia and California.


Candidates should have experience developing software applications for PCs. Current staff members have an average of six years of experience and Bachelor’s degrees. The company does hire entry-level computer professionals.

Global Village typically hires up to 15 computer professionals a year, finding candidates through employment agencies and contacts within the industry.


Letters are preferred.

Human Resources

Global Village Communications, Inc.

1090 N. Chase Parkway, Suite 350

Marietta, Georgia 30067

(770) 984-8088

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