"Fannie Mae is a private company with a public purpose"
— Fannie Mae representative

IBM mainframe, Sun workstations
Mortgage broker Large shop


The Federal National Mortgage Association (Fannie Mae), chartered by Congress in 1938, but now privately owned, buys residential mortgages from lenders. Lenders continue to service the loans, but then have more money available to make new home loans. The government still names five members of their Board of Directors.



Fannie Mae operates in both a client/server LAN with Sun workstations and the UNIX operating systems and an IBM mainframe environment. In the IBM environment, software used includes COBOL, SAS, CA-IDMS, and SYBASE. In the client/server environment, programming is in C and C++.

There are 600 computer professionals in the Washington, D.C., area. They work in the Corporate Information Services Group, which includes Systems, Programming, Telecommunications, Applications, Operations, and an Information Center. These units establish corporate strategy in data processing and design and program for new development and on-going support of business system applications. They also coordinate both voice and data communications, develop and support the networking system, operate the computer center, and support Information Center activities.

The technical staff is continuing to develop the software and systems to support business objectives with advanced technologies.


Computer professionals work at the Wisconsin Avenue office in Washington, D.C. Fannie Mae is a nonsmoking environment. Fannie Mae offers excellent salaries and benefits, a stimulating environment, good training opportunities, and the opportunity to work with professional colleagues who have strong technical and analytical skills.

Fannie Mae observes 11 holidays. They offer 2 weeks of vacation to start and 3 weeks after 3 years. There is a company-paid medical, long-term disability, dental, and life insurance (one times the annual salary). They offer tuition reimbursement, a stock purchase plan, a company-paid pension plan, and a 401(k) plan with matching funds. Fannie Mae has not had any major layoffs.


Fannie Mae looks for people with the technical experience that matches their environment. Candidates should work well on a team and have the ability to demonstrate their technical capabilities and translate users' needs into system development requirements. Fannie Mae does not hire entry-level computer professionals.


No phone calls please. Send a resume.

Mr. Jim Jutzin, Senior Human Resources Analyst

Federal National Mortgage Association

3900 Wisconsin Avenue, N.W.

Washington, D.C. 20016

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