"This is the best place I've ever worked."
– Bill Schmitt, Director, Information Systems Development

IBM mainframe, midrange COBOL, ORACLE
Manufacturer Large shop


Eaton Corporation is a manufacturer of products as diverse as truck transmissions, axles, and brakes; engine valves; aerospace controls; semi-conductor equipment; ion beam implants; appliances; and golf grips. Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, Eaton is a publicly-held corporation with revenues of $6 billion. Founded in 1911, Eaton has 50,000 employees, with 1,000 in the corporate office.

Eaton's divisions have a mix of union and non-union workers. Respected for the quality of its manufacturing process, Eaton has won three times as many quality awards from its customers as comparable companies. Active in the Cleveland community, Eaton helped found the Cleveland [business] Roundtable and the Cleveland Chapter of the United Way.



Eaton's' hardware includes an IBM 3090, IBM AS/400, and DEC VAX equipment. The company's SNA network and DECNET LANs connect between 6,000 and 7,000 PCs. Languages used include COBOL, RPG, FORTRAN, and C. Additional software includes Focus, Synon, IMS, DB2, Rdb, ORACLE, Ingres, and SSA's Asset financial management package.

Eaton has 70 computer professionals at corporate headquarters. Job titles range from Programmer to Principal Information Technology Consultant. Approximately 75 percent of the work is new development, largely internal consulting to headquarters staff. Programmers recently developed a system managing a savings and investment plan for employees. A prototype system was developed in Focus, then a production system was implemented in COBOL on the IBM 3090.


Computer professionals work in private offices and cubicles in a non-smoking environment. The company observes flexible office hours. Eaton offers computer professionals the opportunity to work independently in a company with excellent benefits and compensation.

There is a considerable need for travel, ranging up to 75 percent of a computer professional's time, to support divisions worldwide. There is also a need for overtime, although the company offers telecommuting as an option.

Eaton observes 13 holidays. The company offers two weeks of vacation to start, three weeks after five years, and four weeks after fifteen years. The company offers medical, disability, dental, and life insurance, tuition reimbursement, and a retirement plan. There was a layoff in 1982, but no Information Systems personnel were affected.


Eaton looks for a technical match with its environment. The company also looks for long-term growth potential and candidates whose job history shows a successful track record with few job changes. Good people skills are essential; a college degree is helpful. Eaton does hire entry-level computer professionals occasionally. Candidates should have a Bachelor's degree at a minimum. Women and minorities are especially encouraged to apply. Current staff members have an average of 15 to 20 years of experience. Seventy-five percent have a Bachelor's degree and more than half have a Master's degree.

Eaton typically finds computer professionals from the pool of technical contractors they use and from advertisements.


A letter with a resume is preferred.

Human Resources Division

(216) 523-5000

Eaton Corporation

1111 Superior Eaton Center

Cleveland, Ohio 44114

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