"The culture encourages excellence."
— Chris Norris, Director, Corporate Communications

Predominantly mainframe
Services and software vendor Large shop


Compuware provides professional computer services in systems analysis, design, programming, conversion, and systems planning. It also develops and sells productivity-enhancing tools for the IBM mainframe environment. Products include Abend-Aid, a fault diagnosis package for helping programmers debug code, TransRELATE Workbench for automated test set preparation for DB2 databases, and PATHVU, an interactive tool for simulating the environment for testing online applications.

Founded in 1973, Compuware is a publicly-held corporation with $235 million in revenues. The company has 1,850 employees, including 1,000 at corporate headquarters in Farmington Hills, Michigan. Major branch offices for the Professional Services Division are in Baltimore and Bethesda, Maryland; Colorado Springs, Colorado; and Lansing, Michigan. Major sites for the Software Product Development Division are in Chicago, Illinois, and Los Gatos, California, in addition to corporate headquarters.

Awards for Compuware’s products include a $250 million sales award for Abend-AID. The company is actively involved in the community; its principals have been supporters of the local Youth Hockey League for 20 years.



While Compuware’s primary focus is on the mainframe, COBOL environment, staff members may work in any of a variety of hardware and software environments. The company’s products have been developed to aid in the debugging and testing of applications programs written in COBOL on IBM mainframes. Professional services are provided in the areas of application programming, systems analysis and design, software conversion, systems planning, and consulting in the areas of performance reviews and data center studies. On a recent project, computer professionals developed and implemented a client-server-based branch automation system for a major bank.

Computer professionals work in the Products Division or the Professional Services Division. There are no job titles.


Most computer professionals work at client sites. Corporate headquarters provide private and open offices in a nonsmoking environment. The need for travel varies by position. Sales support professionals travel a considerable amount of time; professional services personnel generally travel only to a client’s site; product development staff travel only occasionally. Overtime may be paid, depending on the terms of a professional services contract.

Compuware observes seven holidays. They offer two weeks of vacation after one year and three weeks after five years. The company offers medical, disability, and life insurance, as well as tuition reimbursement, and ESOP and 401(k) plans.

The company has had reductions in force (RIFs) after some of its acquisitions.


Compuware looks for professional service staff members with a minimum of three years of technical experience, preferably matching a particular contract being staffed. Product development candidates should have experience with DB2, database analysis, and COBOL, or C++, OS/2, and Windows, and product development experience. The current staff has from three to twenty years of experience and an average of a four-year degree. The company generally does not hire entry-level computer professionals.


A letter with a resume is preferred.

Mr. Richard Miller, Director, Recruiting

(313) 737-7506

Compuware Corporation

31440 Northwestern Highway

Farmington Hills, Michigan 48334-2564

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