"CTG provides the opportunity to work on projects ranging from PC to mainframe and from client/server to legacy systems."
— Rick Ballou, Vice President, Operations, for South and MidAtlantic Region

IBM, Amdahl, Suns C++, Visual Basic, Sybase
Professional services Large shop


Computer Task Group (CTG) provides professional services by supplementing staff at client sites and providing consulting services for full life-cycle project implementation or planning and analysis of systems projects. Services include by-the-hour programming and development of recommended information technology strategies. The company consulting arm is divided into three business practices: Business Consulting, Development and Integration, and Managed Support. CTG has offices in more than 100 cities.

Founded in 1966, CTG is publicly held and has revenues of $301 million. The company employs 5,000 people and is headquartered in Buffalo, New York.



Approximately half of CTG's work is in mainframe, legacy systems, typically IBM and Amdahls. The remainder is in the client/server environment, including Suns, HPs, and PCs. Software development is in C++, Visual Basic, PowerBuilder, ORACLE, dBase, and FoxPro under UNIX, OS/2, Windows NT and Windows 95 in the client/server environment and COBOL, CICS, and DB2 on mainframes. Networks may range from 5 PCs to 1,000 PCs connected over a number of networking protocols, such as TCP/IP or Novell's Netware.

Job titles for CTG's 900 Southeast and Mid-Atlantic-based computer professionals are grouped in functional areas, such as business development, quality assurance, telecommunications, data communications, customer support, and field services. Job titles include Associate Software Engineer, Software Engineer, Senior Software Engineer, Systems Advisor, Senior Systems Advisor, Senior Consultant, Principal Consultant, and Director. On a recent project, staff members developed a doctor-and-nurse scheduling system for a client/server environment in C++ and Visual Basic using Sybase and SQL-Server under UNIX on PCs.


Computer professionals work in sites provided by the client, generally in cubicles in a nonsmoking environment. There is little need for travel for most staff members; 90 percent of the staff travel only to clients' sites. Office hours are generally 8 AM to 5 PM and follow those of the client. An average work week is 42 hours and overtime is paid. Business dress is business formal unless the client's environment is less formal. CTG offers the opportunity to learn new technical skills in a variety of assignments in a team environment.

CTG observes six fixed and three floating holidays. Employees earn three sick days, one week of vacation to start, two weeks after one year, three weeks after five years and four weeks after ten years. The company pays the majority of the costs of medical, short-term disability, dental, life, and accident insurance. The company pays for long-term disability and tuition reimbursement, and matches employee contributions to a 401(k) plan. Stock options and Microsoft discounts are available. There have been no layoffs in recent years.


CTG looks for computer professionals with client/server skills (PowerBuilder, C++, ORACLE, COBOL, DB2) and technical consulting experience. Candidates should have strong interpersonal skills, be self-starters, able to work well on a team, and customer-service oriented. Current staff members have an average of 7 years to 10 years of experience and Bachelor's degrees. The company does hire entry-level computer professionals. Most have a Bachelor's degree, co-op experience, and good interpersonal skills.

The company's 500 new computer professionals a year are found through advertisements, campus recruiting, unsolicited resumes, and open houses.


Letters, phone calls, and faxes are all welcome.

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