"Cabletron looks primarily for those who are passionate about their work and who enjoy developing products."
— Interview with Cabletron representative

Sun workstations, 386 PCs C, C++, Assembly, X-Windows
Manufacturer of network hardware and software
Large shop Start-up company


Cabletron Systems designs, manufactures, markets, installs, and supports a broad range of network management products and services, including software, interconnection products, diagnostic test instruments, and network installation design and maintenance. Since their founding in 1983, they have been transformed from a manufacturer of Ethernet cable assemblies and a reseller of network hardware products into a leading supplier of standards-based network management solutions.

Cabletron, headquartered in Rochester, New Hampshire, employs 1,300 people. They have a worldwide installed base exceeding 1.8 million nodes. Cabletron markets its products to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and end users. End users include 80 of the top 100 U.S. companies listed in the Fortune 500. These include financial institutions, federal and state agencies, industrial and manufacturing companies, and academic institutions. Cabletron is publicly-held. Revenue in 1990 was $104.7 million.



Development engineers at Cabletron work on Sun workstations, IBM 386 PCs, and Cabletron's own hardware platforms. Programming is primarily in C, C++, and Assembler. Additional software used includes X-Windows, UNIX, MS-DOS, and MS-Windows.

There are more than 200 computer professionals at Cabletron working in Quality Assurance, Firmware and Communications, Networking Management Applications, and Network Management. Job titles include Software, Hardware, Firmware Engineers I, II, III, and IV, Group Leaders, and Product Managers. All the work is in research and development. Recently, computer professionals wrote a network management system in C, under MS-Windows, that controls devices such as PCs, workstations, repeaters, bridges, and routers on the network.


Development engineers all work at corporate headquarters in cubicles with workstations on their desks. There are PCs available to work on at home. Few jobs require travel. Overtime averages 10-15 hours a week. While this is not compensated directly, it may be reflected in bonuses.

Cabletron is proud of its rapid growth, moving from a company started in the President's garage in 1983 with five employees to today's present size. Cabletron believes they offer computer professionals the opportunity to work in a very fast-growing company with state-of-the-art technology in a dynamic, fun atmosphere.

Cabletron offers 8 holidays. Employees accrue 2 weeks of vacation and 6 personal/sick days a year. Costs for medical insurance, disability, dental, and life insurance are shared with the employee. Cabletron has a tuition reimbursement program as well as a stock purchase program. There has never been a layoff.


While candidates should have experience with C and LANs, interest in networking products is primary. Education is not a significant factor. Cabletron looks for a track record of achievement in previous jobs. The average level of experience at Cabletron is 6 years. The average level of education is a BS degree. Cabletron does hire entry-level computer professionals. They should have a college degree or previous experience. Cabletron looks for general aptitude and ability.

Cabletron first looks in-house for new candidates for technical positions. Second, they hire through job fairs and college recruiting. Third, they use ads, and occasionally agencies. Between September of 1989 and October of 1990, Cabletron added 100 new positions.


Letters are preferred.

Ms. Linda Pipin, Manager, Human Resources
Mr. Roger Dev, Director, Software Engineering

(603) 332-9400

Cabletron Systems, Inc.

35 Industrial Way

P.O. Box 5005

Rochester, New Hampshire 03867

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