"We look for people with a consulting sense, since they will be dealing directly with end users."
— Laurie Rauch, Vice President, Information Systems

HP 3000s, 9000s COBOL, ObjectView
Manufacturer Small shop


Bowater Communication Papers Inc. (BCPI) manufactures computer paper and supplies, such as ink. These products are generally offered through wholesalers, such as forms distributors, computer stores, and office products dealers.

Founded in 1986, BCPI's corporate headquarters are in Moline, Illinois. The parent company, Bowater North America, which manufactures newsprint, was founded in the 1950s and is based in Bowater, North Carolina. BCPI has 680 employees. Bowater North America is a publicly-held, non-unionized company, with revenues of $1.7 billion.

BCPI has won a number of recycling awards for its newsprint conversion. The company is a member of the Renew Moline initiative, locating its office in downtown Moline. Company employees actively support service organizations such as the Lions Club.



BCPI's hardware includes HP 3000s running under MRPIX, HP 9000s running under UNIX, approximately 150 terminals, and 150 PCs. The company uses Portable Netware (Novell's Netware for UNIX). Languages used include COBOL, RPG, and Structured Programming Language (SPL). Additional software includes HP's IMAGE SQL database software, Visual Basic, and ObjectView. Application packages include HP's financial software, Argonaut's Payroll and Human Resource applications, and Cyborg's Fixed Asset package.

BCPI employs 22 computer professionals. Job titles include Programmer, Programmer Analyst, Business Analyst, and Manager. Approximately half of the work is new development. Staff members recently wrote a warehouse management system in C, using Sybase on the HP 9000. The staff set up a UNIX TCP/IP network and installed the system in all eight of the company's manufacturing plants.


Computer professionals work in cubicles in a nonsmoking environment. Standard office hours are 8 AM to 5 PM. Computer professionals may travel occasionally. Uncompensated overtime is based on project needs and may range up to 5 to 10 hours a week for a few months a year.

Computer professionals at BCPI have an opportunity to work with challenging technology, including CASE tools and other development tools, for a company that offers a competitive benefits program.

BCPI observes 10 holidays. The company offers two weeks of vacation to start, two and a half weeks after five years, three weeks after ten years, three and a half after fifteen years, and four weeks after twenty years. The company offers medical, disability, dental, and life insurance; tuition reimbursement; and a retirement plan. They have a 401(k) plan and a wellness program.

During the company's few layoffs, affected employees were offered severance benefits based on their years of employment.


BCPI looks for computer professionals with four-year degrees and hands-on experience in the technical area being staffed. TQM and reengineering teams, for instance, are using CASE tools. Candidates should also have good verbal and written communication skills. Current staff members have an average of five to six years of experience and four-year degrees. BCPI does hire entry-level computer professionals. A four-year degree with a grade-point average of 3.0 is preferred. Candidates should have ambition and technical aptitude.

BCPI hires an average of three computer professionals a year. Candidates are found through employment agencies and a college internship program.


A letter with a resume is preferred.

Mr. Roger Goodwin, Vice President, Human Resources

(309) 757-6203

Bowater Communication Papers Inc.

1515 Fifth Avenue, Suite 400

Moline, Illinois 61265

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