"We look for people who are used to working under tight deadlines."
— Joe Ruf, Vice President and Director, MIS

Amdahl mainframe COBOL, DB2, ORACLE, C++
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BellSouth Information Systems provides information technology services for BellSouth Telecommunications Corporation, including the support of publishing and wireless and cellular activities. BellSouth Information Systems is owned by BellSouth, a publicly-held telephone company based in Atlanta, Georgia, with its own internal MIS department.

Founded in 1986, BellSouth Information systems employs 300 people and is based in Tucker, Georgia.



BellSouth Information Systems has an Amdahl mainframe running under MVS, with IMS and DB2 database management systems and development in COBOL and FORTRAN under CICS. The company also has 200 PCs and Sun, HP, and IBM RISC/6000 UNIX workstations connected through Novell Netware LANs.

Computer professionals work in applications development, operations, the network group, and technical support. Job titles for the company's 280 computer professionals include Systems Analyst (Grades 1 through 6) and IT Consultant (Grades 1 through 3). On a recent project staff members developed an order activation system in C++ and PowerBuilder on Sun workstations with an interface to the mainframe's database that allows a retailer to take an order from a cellular phone and perform a credit check. On another recent project, a system was developed that is similar to dialing 411, except it is for looking up business listings. For instance, if a caller asks, "Where is the Japanese restaurant nearest to my address on Peachtree Street?" the operator can call up a listing that provides this information. This system was developed in C++ on Sun workstations.


Computer professionals work in cubicles in a nonsmoking environment. Travel represents less than five percent of an employee's time. The company observes flexible hours with start times between 7 AM and 9:30 AM, for a 37 1/2 hour workweek. The average workweek is between 45 and 50 hours, with overtime paid after 50 hours. Business dress is business casual. BellSouth Information Systems offers the opportunity to work in an employee-focused company with a family-oriented environment close to the city of Atlanta.

BellSouth Information Systems observes six fixed and four floating holidays. Employees earn two weeks of vacation the first year, prorated depending on start date, three weeks after seven years, four weeks after fifteen years, and five weeks after twenty-five years. The company pays the majority of the costs for medical, dental, disability, and life insurance in a cafeteria plan of benefits. The company pays for tuition reimbursement and matches employee contributions to a 401(k) plan. Automobile and homeowner's insurance are available at reduced rates. There have never been any layoffs.


BellSouth Information Systems looks primarily for computer professionals with technical skills matching the company's environment (COBOL, DB2, C++, PowerBuilder, ORACLE). In addition, candidates should be able to work well on a team or as team leaders. A college degree is helpful. Current staff members have an average of five to ten years of experience and a Bachelor's degree. BellSouth Information Systems does hire entry-level computer professionals, preferring candidates with a Bachelor's degree and computer science course work.

The company's 50 new computer professionals a year are primarily found through advertisements.


Letters are preferred.

Director, Human Resources

BellSouth Information Systems

1957 Lakeside Parkway, Suite 510

Tucker, Georgia 30084

(770) 414-6836

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