"We look for people who are good learners with an engineering or technical background."
— Tom Beerman, Manager, Computing Services

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Battelle Memorial Institute develops new technologies through scientific and engineering research, facilitating the transfer of technology from laboratory to commercial use. Founded by a grant from the will of Gordon Battelle in 1929, Battelle is charged with investing its $700 million annual budget in research or charitable activities.

Some of the technologies Battelle has invented or facilitated include the Xerox copy process, the CD-ROM digital recording process, a laser-based vegetable peeling process, the first cruise control system for cars, a holographic system for displaying dashboard information above the hood of a car, a disease-detecting breach analyzer, and the manufacture of heat-resistant chocolate for distribution to troops in the Persian Gulf.

Battelle Memorial Institute is a nonprofit organization head-quartered in Columbus, Ohio. Battelle has more than 8,000 employees, working at 48 sites worldwide. Battelle volunteers tutor local elementary students in mathematics and science and bake cookies for Ronald McDonald House. Battelle contributes to programs such as the Center for Women in Engineering and cultural pluralism seminars.



Battelle has a DEC VAX cluster networked with DEC's Pathworks and DECNET. Business applications are developed in COBOL, Rdb, and BasisPlus.

Job titles for Battelle's 60 computer professionals include Programmer and Applications Analyst I and II for in-house MIS applications. Additional job titles for those in research include Research Scientist, Senior Research Scientist, Principal Research Scientist, and Research Leader. Computer professionals have recently completed development of accounts payable, inventory control, and marketing systems on the DEC VAX systems, which operate in a client-server environment, sharing files on the VAX platforms with desktop PCs.


Battelle observes 10 holidays. Employees earn two weeks of vacation to start, three weeks after three years, four weeks after fifteen years, and five weeks after twenty-five years. Battelle offers medical, disability, dental, life, and accident insurance; tuition reimbursement; and retirement and savings programs. The Institute offers pretax spending accounts for health and dependent care expenses and a flexible benefits program. A credit union and fitness center are available onsite.

During layoffs, affected employees were offered the use of the Career Center for resume writing and access to phones and computers. Severance packages were based on length of service, with two weeks' salary as the minimum.


Battelle prefers computer professionals with a Computer Science or related technical degree, rather than Business Administration. Candidates should have solid technical and general systems support experience and work well in a team environment. Battelle occasionally hires entry-level computer professionals.

The average computer professional at Battelle has five to ten years of experience and a Bachelor's or graduate degree.


A letter with a resume is preferred. No phone calls.

Employment Department

Battelle Memorial Institute

505 King Avenue

Columbus, Ohio 43201-2693

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