"We were the first in the industry to guarantee that large-scale application development projects would be delivered on time, on budget, on target - no problem."
– Glen Mella, Senior Vice President, Marketing

Varied hardware environments


Software developer and applications services provider Large shop

Fast Facts
Revenues: $62.8M(2000)
Employees: 565 (2000)
Founded: 1993
Enterprise applications software
Deloitte & Touche: Technology Fast 500
Software: Software 500 (2000)
VARBusiness: Top 500 (2000)
Upside: Hot 100 (1998)
698 West 10000 South, Suite 200
South Jordan, Utah 84095
(801) 495-1010

Money back guarantee. Order of magnitude. Best of build vs. buy characteristics. TenFold has developed a suite of tools wrapped into its Universal Application (patent pending) software that separates the update and retrieve SQL database calls from a company's business logic to standardize the application development process. Add in vertically-oriented business logic that stands apart from a specific company's business logic; then add standardized test procedures exercised from the first time data is loaded and nightly thereafter; and, a rapid prototyping methodology that depends on a tight link with users who understand what their business operations are supposed to be doing and you start to see why TenFold can boast its application development process takes one-tenth the time of the industry average. Further, they back up this claim with a guarantee not to cash the check until the customer is satisfied.

What do users have to do to get this level of savings and productivity? They learn the software used to generate SQL statements optimized for their hardware and software platforms, in the same classes that TenFold's developers and business analysts take. Software which they generally license from TenFold. They work on joint teams with TenFold staff. They give TenFold permission to use industry-specific logic developed with their applications with other customers, even competitors. What do they get from this approach that they could have gotten if they had built it themselves or if they had bought a pre-packaged solution? Just as if they had built it themselves, they get an application customized for their environment, with interfaces to their systems, loaded into their production environment. Just as if they had bought a packaged solution, they get a stable, tested application, tailored to the specific needs of their industry, and regular updates to the software as it is installed in successive sites in their industry. In one-half to one-tenth the time it would have taken to do it themselves.

Web: www.10fold.com
Email: careers@10fold.com
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