"Our business is information processing, so a technical professional here is involved directly in the main business."
–Kim Ross, Chief Information Officer

IBM ES9000s, Sun E10000s

PL/I, SAS, C++, Sybase, Red Brick, WebLogic

Media research Large shop

Fast Facts
Revenues: $506.5M (2000)
Employees: 2,800 (2000)
Founded: 1923
Media market research
Public: VNU (Dutch exchange), Subsidiary of VNU, a Dutch publishing company
PC Week: Fast Track 500 (1998)
375 Patricia Ave.
Dunedin, Florida 34698
(727) 738-3280

Which programs stay on the air? When will they air? How much does a one-minute commercial cost? Television industry executives turn to Nielsen Media Research to help answer these questions. First comes measurement, then comes delivery. How to deliver the volumes of information needed for these decisions, in the fast-paced world of television, is Neilsen's Media's challenge and opportunity.

For more than 50 years, Nielsen Media Research has been the premier provider of audience information to the television industry. Television has evolved in that time from just three commercial broadcast networks and public television in the 1950s to nine commercial broadcast networks, more than 100 cable networks, more than 1,000 local television stations, and more than 100 nationally syndicated programs today.

More than 30,000 homes currently have electronic meters installed to capture television usage data for Nielsen Media Research. In 5,000 of these homes, additional demographic viewer information is collected and updated daily. At least four times a year, paper diaries, more than one million a year, are used to develop local ratings reports. The entire business is a massive data crunching, data warehousing, data mining exercise. And Nielsen Media Research invented it.

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