"We still deal with typical, single platform development. But, more interesting are our cross-platform projects, combining web, client-server, and mainframe [technologies] for a solution.”
– Kevin Shearan, Senior Vice President, Software Engineering

Multi-data centers, redundant processor, disk and networks

IBM 9672s, 2064s, RS/600s, Sun servers

COBOL, Visual Basic, Java, SAS, Tivoli

Financial services Large shop

Fast Facts
Revenues: $5.979B (2000)
Employees: 25,800 (2000)
Founded: 1869
Financial services provider
Public: MEL (NYSE)
Computerworld: 100 Best Places to Work in IT (2001)
Information Week: Top 500 (#18)
Computerworld: Premier 100 IT Leaders (2001)
Morgan Stanley Dean Witter: Tech Edge 26 Group of stocks
MM Level 2 certified software engineering practices in place across multiple lines of business
SO-9001: 2000, Registered electronic payment provider
One Mellon Bank Center
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15258-0001
(412) 234-5000

Mellon. Financing twentieth century industrial development. Bequeathing the nation a wealth of cultural treasures. That was then. This is now. One of America's top ten bank holding companies in terms of market capitalization. Global operations in wealth management, investment management, investment services, and cash management. And Mellon uses technology to drive its financial operations.

Consider just two examples :

• client fund managers buy and sell foreign currencies electronically, with the results linked to a client’s internal information system;
• portfolio advisors and asset managers are provided with Internet delivery channels that include transparent linkages between Web-based client server software and mainframe-based legacy applications.

Mellon’s recent corporate focus is on its asset management and processing and corporate services segments. It is the parent organization for Dreyfuss Corporation, a leading mutual fund company. Mellon has operations in Pittsburgh, New York, Boston, Denver, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and London, and joint ventures and other business operations that give it a global presence.

Mellon continues its aggressive approach to technology development and deployment. Applications range from on-line security auctions and electronic invoice presentment and payment to providing Web portals for clients whose investment management operations are outsourced to Mellon. Some of the newest technologies Mellon is investigating, according to Shearan, include “data mining and IVR (Interactive Voice Response) technologies that will significantly enhance our ability to provide services that involve extensive amounts of data storage and retrieval.”

Web: (NJ) (NY)


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