"On most plane trips I take, I meet someone new who tells me a great customer service story about the company as soon as they learn that I work at Lands' End. It's very gratifying."
– John Loranger, Vice President, Information Services


COBOL, SQL, DB2, Perl, Java, Visual Basic

Direct mail retailer Large shop

Fast Facts
Revenues: $1.462B (2001)
Employees: 9,800 (2001); Rises by an additional 2,000 during the holiday season
Founded: 1963
Direct merchant, Catalog, e-Commerce
Public: LE (NYSE)
Fortune: 100 Best Companies to Work For (1998-2000)
Computerworld: 100 Best Companies to Work For in IT (1997, 1999, 2000)
Lands' End Lane
Dodgeville, Wisconsin 53595
(608) 935-9341

Business casual made possible. Starting with writing advertisements, then catalogs for sailboat hardware, Gary Comer, a champion racing sailor and 10-year veteran copywriter with Young and Rubicam in Chicago started a new business. Comer noticed that customers of a sailmaker also needed fittings, so he started providing them, launching the business in 1963. At customers' request, canvas raincoats and duffel bags, made from the same material as the sails, soon followed. The first catalog was mailed in 1964. It was called the Lands' End Yachtsman's Equipment Guide. A typography error misplaced the apostrophe in that initial catalog and it was too expensive to reprint. The misplaced apostrophe remains today. By the time hardware was supplied with sailboats in the mid-1970s and had to be discontinued from the catalog, the apparel business was well underway.

Leveraging technology at its best. E-Commerce and customer service. Land's End is the third largest mail order clothing retailer and the largest seller of apparel online. Taking its custom logo business to its natural extension, Lands' End sets up private Internet sites where companies like Saturn, CISCO, and Radio Shack sell corporate-customized clothes geared to employees. A feature of its own Web site, Oxford Express™, lets customers select the fabric, collar and cuffs, and size they want in a men's dress shirt. Lands' End is one of the largest online retailers of men's dress shirts.

Erin Mackesey, Sr. Recruitment and Development Specialist
Phone: (608) 935-4589 (Erin Mackesey)
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