"We look for candidates with the ability to communicate and work on a team, and the raw technical ability to solve tough technical problems."
– Todd Reynolds, Vice President, Product Development

IBM, Compaq, Dell, Microm PC's

C++, C, Visual Basic, Active Server Pages

Accounting software developer Large shop

Fast Facts
Revenues: $194.9M (2000)
Employees: 1,539 (2000)
Founded: 1981
Accounting software developer
Public: GPSI (Nasdaq)
Fortune: 100 Best Companies to Work for in America (1993, 1998-2000)
ExperTalk: Top Solution in Accounting (1999, 2000)
Forbes: 200 Best Small Companies (1998, 1999)
Arthur Andersen: Global Best Practices Award (1999)
Forbes: ASAP Dynamic 100 (1998)
Business Week: 100 Hot Growth Companies (1998)
1701 SW 38th St.
Fargo, North Dakota 58103
(701) 281-0550

Software for bean counters. For businesses from $1M to $250M, called the mid-market, Great Plains offers accounting, human resources, manufacturing, and service software. Its software is based on a PC platform, oriented around Microsoft products, including its NT server, SQL database, and Office product suite. Sales of the company's two primary products, Dynamics for small businesses, and eEnterprise for larger shops with their own internal Information Technology departments, represented 93 percent of 1999 revenues. In 2000, Great Plains allied itself with Siebel Systems to create Great Plains Siebel Front Office, adding the front office functions of customer relationship management and sales tracking to its back office suite. They are the only company to distribute Siebel software to the mid-range market.

Great Plains takes care of the nitty gritty of office and factory floor paperwork - payroll, invoice processing and tracking, inventory, appointment and service scheduling, depot maintenance. And, they do it with an intuitive user interface that keeps the details accessible for those who want to drill down. Although their roots were in the Apple world, they have now standardized on the Windows interface, cutting training time, since most of their customers already know the Microsoft suite of office products used as the backbone. Microsoft recently acquired Great Plains Software.

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