"We operate a huge Sun network on the trading floor; we are one of Sun's largest clients and we have one of the largest IBM mainframe installations in the country."
– Mel Taub, Senior Executive Vice President, Salomon Smith Barney; CIO, Global Corporate and Investment Bank (GCIB)
"We look for people with scars on their backs, who have managed projects with substance, communicating across sophisticated disciplines."
– David Halpin, Vice President, Global Information Systems; Citigroup Business Services

IBM mainframes, HP Unix, Suns

COBOL, DB2, UDB, C, C++, Java, Tivoli

Financial services Large shop

Fast Facts
Revenues: $111.826B (2000)
Employees: 230,000 (2000)
Founded: 1812
Financial services; banking, insurance, credit cards, investment services
Public: C (NYSE)
Fortune 500 (#7)
Information Week: Top 500 (1998)
Computerworld: Top 100 (1998)
153 E. 53rd St.
New York, New York 10043
(212) 559-1000

Global financial network. Banking (Citibank). Insurance (Traveler's). Investment brokerage (Salomon Smith Barney). Mutual funds (Primerica Financial). Largest credit card issuer in the world (Mastercard, Diner's Club). First to introduce ATMs on a large scale. First to introduce compound interest to consumers. First to offer unsecured personal loans to consumers. And, it all rests on technology. Walter B. Wriston, President, then Chair, of Citibank from 1967 to 1984 believed, "The basis for wealth has evolved from land to labor to information. " Underlining this belief, Wriston said, "Information about money is as important as money itself." Citigroup's technological infrastructure supports this contention. The corporate banking unit alone has 8,500 MIPS in processing power, with a distributed environment that spans the largest IBM mainframes available, along with Compaq, HP, Digital, and Sun servers, and 75,000 PCs.

Wireless cell phone Internet ordering, with Diner's Club cards. Pilot the concept in Japan, where almost ten percent of the country's cell phones are Internet-enabled. Then roll it out globally. As the country's largest financial services company, Citigroup now serves 100 million clients in 100 countries, and it continues to rely on technology to extend its services.

Phone: (813) 604-2090 (David Halpin)
Include "Source: Covin's Guide" on your resume and cover letter.