"The most important thing is not the languages someone knows, but his or her attitude."
– James Nguyen, Director of Research & Development

Sun, HP, UNIX, AIX, NT, Linux

C++, Java, C, Visual Age, PHP, XML, JavaScript

Application management and e-Business Software Developer Large shop

Fast Facts
Revenues: $340.5M (2000)
Employees: 1,757 (2000)
Founded: 1976
Software developer; applications management and e-Business integration
American Express: Supplier Excellence (2000)
Network Computing: Flying Colors (1999)
Network Computing: Editor's Choice (1999)
IEC: Best of e-Commerce (1999)
Computer Business Review: Top 50 Software Vendors (1998)
PC Week: Enterprise Excellence (1998)
Lotus Notes & Domino Advisor: Editor's Choice (1998)
201 N. Douglas St.
El Segundo, California 90245
(310) 535-3600

Measuring performance. Clickstream analysis. Applying the robust tools and experience from large-scale legacy systems to the needs of high-performance networks. Candle cut its teeth on high-performance systems and is today one of the world's largest, private software vendors. Its flagship product, OMEGAMON®, is still one of the company's premier products, but is now one of nearly 200 system tools. It provides application tracing for performance monitoring for MVS, DB2, and IMS; DASD analysis; and it supports web analysis for CICS. It is this strength in systems software for high-end transaction processing on mainframes that has given Candle the experience to extend its performance monitoring skills to new areas in the Internet world.

ETEWatch™ provides segmentation of network response versus application response and client response time in a given web transaction. IntelliWatch provides a performance profile of system, mail, and database performance for Lotus Notes applications. eBA* ServiceMonitor™ measures Web page speed from the user's side and tracks a user's path through a Web site, helping companies identify bottlenecks in their processing, including the tracking of dynamic HTML pages, with a Java applet. eBusiness Assurance Network™ (eBAN) provides Web-based reporting of Web-response time data that has been loaded into a data warehouse, ready for OLAP-based analytical processing, to find navigation bottlenecks, reactions to specific pages, and load balancing requirements. CandleNet™ eBusiness Platform (eBP™), powered by Roma™ technology, uses XML and a common set of interfaces Candle developed to help disparate applications - legacy, custom, and third party - collaborate. Robust software built on 24 years of experience monitoring systems and applications, applied to e-business and the Internet world.

Fax: (310) 727-7050 Attn: Recruitment Dept.
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