"We have a start-up mentality. We want people who are excited about the products, space, and our opportunity."
– Brian Tuller, Senior Vice President, Marketing and Business Development

PCs, Windows NT


Internet software developer Medium-sized shop

Fast Facts
Revenues: $19.5M (1999)
Employees: 130 (3Q 2000)
Founded: 1995
Email response software developer
Private, Pre-IPO
Call Center Solutions: CRM Excellence Award (2000)
Upside: Hot 100 (1999)
Call Center Solutions: Product of the Year (1999)
Frost & Sullivan: Market Engineering Leadership Award (1999)
IDC: Top of Leadership Grid for Email Response Software (1999)
Computerworld: Hot 100 Emerging Cos. (1997)
1401 Los Gamos Drive
San Rafael, California 94903
(415) 884-4744

Automated website attendant. Email and chat switchboard operator. Artificial Intelligence (AI ) with a purpose. Tools for managing the thousands of inquiries that popular web sites now get. Web sites like, Compaq, Homeside Lending,, Starwood, TD Waterhouse, Best Buy, When customers want to know the status of an order, product specifications for one of hundreds of products on a site, or any of a myriad of questions, companies must dedicate resources to help them find their way. Automated email, chat, and web self-service is a faster, cheaper way to do this - but, only if it works. If it doesn't work, you lose more customers than the money you saved. Brightware took the artificial intelligence experience its founder, Chuck Williams, gained from co-founding an earlier AI company, Inference, for which he was Chief Technical Officer, and applied it to automating website responses. IDC recently named Brightware the leader in the automated email response software market.

Web assistance. Email assistance. Live assistance. The tools Brightware has wrapped around its core concept are designed to provide a total customer response experience, including talking to live representatives, when that is what is needed. It is what they call end-to-end eCustomer Assistance. But, it is twenty years of AI experience that differentiates them from competitors like Kana Communications, eGain, and AskJeeves. Brightware's rules-based software is considered easier to use than competitor's neural net-based software and more robust than others' key-word search software. Brightware's software has earned it awards from the Smithsonian, Microsoft, and the conference for Innovative Applications of Artificial Intelligence (IAAI).

Web: (now Firepond)
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