BOSE Corporation

Nonesty and integrity are non-negotiable."
–Rob Ramrath, Director, Corporate Information Services

HP Servers and desktops, Windows NT, UNIX

SAP, Oracle, Microsoft IIS

Audio equipment manufacturer Large shop

Fast Facts
Revenues: $1.1B (2000)
Employees: 6,000 (2000)
Founded: 1964
Manufacturer: audio equipment
Fortune 500 (#220)
Computerworld: 100 Best Places to Work in IT (2000)
CIO: CIO 1000 (1994)
The Mountain
Framingham, Massachusetts 01701-9168
(508) 879-7330

It's the music. In the 1950s, Dr. Amar Bose, then a graduate student at MIT, decided to buy a new stereo system. He was disappointed to find that speakers with impressive technical specifications failed to produce the realism of a live performance. Puzzled, Bose began to study the problem, which led to an exhaustive research project into psychoacoustics, the relationship between actual sound and reproduced sound as perceived by the human ear. Bose eventually went on to become a professor at MIT, where he still teaches a course in acoustics. In 1964, he formed Bose® Corporation. The company began as a small research organization, and is now, thirty-six years later, a leading innovator in sound reproduction technology and a manufacturer of quality audio products.

Big sound in small packages. Simplicity and elegance of design. Easy-to-use. Bose applies these goals when it re-invests 100 percent of its profits back into research and development and growth.

A few highlights from the company's list of technology awards illustrate Bose's penchant for technical innovation:

• Technical Innovation Award from Discover Magazine for Auditioner® audio demonstration technology (1995)

• Inventor of the Year (1987) for Dr. Bose and Dr. William Short from the Intellectual Properties Owners Association for their acoustic waveguide technology.

• Best Product of the Year from Video Review, Reviewer's Choice Award from Stereo Review's Sound/Vision, and Audio Engineering Award from Audio/Video International for Accoustimass® technology incorporated in Virtually Invisible® speaker systems.

• Best of What's New from Popular Science, for the Wave® radio.

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