"Our Open Image application, merging encrypted signatures with digital forms, is bleeding edge technology and we've had it for five years."
– Lynn Fry, Vice President, Information Technology

IBM CMOS 9672/R46, Server farm with 160 NT-based Compaqs

COBOL, Visual Basic, ADABAS, SQL-Server

Insurance Large shop

Fast Facts
Revenues: $9.72B (2000)
Employees: 5,015 (2000)
Founded: 1955
Supplementary insurance
Public: AFL (NYSE)
Fortune 500 (#205)
Computerworld: Best Companies to Work For in IT (2000)
Fortune: Best Companies to Work for in America (1999, 2000)
Information Week: e-Business 100 (1999)
Latina: Best Companies for Latinas to Work For
1932 Wynnton Rd.
Columbus, Georgia 31999
(706) 323-3431

Technology to solve real-world business problems. Ahead of its time in developing imaging solutions integrating digital signatures with business forms, AFLAC has continued to roll out programs using advanced technology to support its leadership position in supplemental insurance. Integrated voice response (IVR), workflow processing, and imaging in a server farm/mainframe backend configuration supports a 4,000 strong field sales force.

What kind of person does it take to manage this dual role of advancing technology's limits while keeping a practical eye on business requirements? Fry answers, "We look for people with strong technical skills who are consensus builders. We want people who advocate change but are also able to work in a large organization and get things done." What is Fry's favorite Internet site? "Our intranet site has all our employees listed, with their phone numbers and photos, so if you see someone's name on a memo that you don't know, you can pull up their picture."

AFLAC is wild for the Atlanta Falcons, even offering special food in the company cafeteria during football season honoring their favorite team. Asked what their most successful recruiting event has been, Amy Cox, Senior Corporate Recruiter, responded, "We have lost a lot of employees to consulting firms. Now, they are coming back. We keep in touch with an active referral program."

Job line: (800) 522-0011
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