"We look for degreed people with a computer science, physical science, or mathematical background."
— Corporate spokesman

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Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) is a government contractor providing technical services, including software development, system integration, studies, and analyses. SAIC's primary customers include the Department of Energy, the Environmental Protection Agency, and the Department of Defense. Ninety percent of their work is for the federal government. The company was founded in 1974 and is owned by its employees. Corporate headquarters is in La Jolla, California and revenues are $1.3 billion. SAIC has 14,000 employees with 3,300 in the Washington area.



Most of SAIC's work is in the DEC VAX, UNIX, and Sun environments. Languages used include FORTRAN, C, Ada, ORACLE, and SQL. SAIC's computer professionals work in the aerospace and defense environments as well as in military information systems and science, engineering, environmental, and systems technology.

About 30 percent of SAIC's employees are computer professionals. Most of the company's other professionals are engineers, scientists, and research analysts. The primary group for computer professionals is the Engineering and Information Technology Sector. Job titles include Software Engineer, Programmer Analyst, Systems Analyst, and Principal Investigator. Approximately 60 percent of SAIC's work is new development. Recent projects have included the development of an automated communications system with multiple message traffic switching to multiple locations and computer imaging and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for several federal agencies.


SAIC's computer professionals are located at more than 16 sites in northern Virginia, Washington, D.C., and Maryland. They have their own offices and terminals. There is approximately a 10-percent national travel requirement. Overtime requirements are generally about 15 to 20 percent (6 to 8 hours a week); overtime is not compensated for exempt staff. SAIC offers a work environment conducive to technical excellence, rapid career growth and advancement, and the opportunity to gain stock in the company.

SAIC observes nine holidays. They offer two weeks of vacation to start and three weeks after five years. SAIC pays for medical, disability, and dental insurance, and the company reimburses tuition. They offer life insurance (two times the annual salary), retirement, and profit-sharing plans. When SAIC has had layoffs, they first use an in-house computerized system to transfer people within the company. When layoffs (under three percent yearly) are still necessary, SAIC provides outplacement services to assist employees.


SAIC does hire entry-level people and, as with midlevel people, looks for a sound background in science and mathematics. The average computer professional at SAIC has four to eight years of experience.

Most new employees are found through advertisements (40 percent) or employee referrals (30 percent). The remaining 30 percent are found through job fairs, general recruiting, unsolicited resumes, and college recruiting. SAIC typically hires 300 computer professionals a year in the Washington area.


A resume is preferred.

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