"We look for people who like to have fun while they're working."
— Art Sorensen, Director, Information Services

IBM AS/400RPG, Visual Basic, Macola
Wholesale/Doughnuts Small shop


Krispy Kreme makes and sells doughnuts through wholesale channels, fund-raising through school organizations, including band and chorus, and through retail channels such as grocery stores. In addition to making doughnuts the company manufactures its own equipment, the doughnut fryers.

Founded in 1937, Krispy Kreme is a closely-held public corporation. One hundred eighty of its 20,000 employees are at corporate headquarters in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.



Krispy Kreme has an IBM AS/400 and a Novell Netware Network with 150 PCs. NCR Point-of-Sale machines in each store are connected through a Starlan network. The NCR machines are polled daily for cash register information. A remote e-mail forms package (Remoteware) provides forms for store managers to fill in to supplement the NCR data. Additional software used includes RPG on the AS/400, Visual Basic and Access (Microsoft) on the PCs. The company also uses the Enterprise series (Hyperion) for consolidated financial reporting and the Macola Progression series (Macola) for general ledger and shop floor accounting. Gentran's EDI package is used for payables.

Job titles for the company's 13 computer professionals include Programmer, Programmer Analyst, Senior Analyst, Systems Analyst, and Network Administration. Recent projects have included development of a route accounting package in RPG and the rollout of Xcellenet Forms to all stores. This electronic forms project facilitates the store-to-headquarters transfer of inventory, sales, daily cash balance, payroll, and personnel status change information. The second phase of the project will include Visual Basic and Access database interfaces with upload to Btrieve and Hyperion on the AS/400.


Computer professionals work in cubicles and offices in a nonsmoking environment. Occasional travel to stores represents less than 10 percent of staff members' time. Standard office hours are from 8:30 AM to 5 PM. An average workweek is 40 hours to 45 hours, with no overtime paid. Business dress is casual. Krispy Kreme offers computer professionals the opportunity to work in a growing company, now expanding into the franchise business. It also offers quarterly incentive bonuses for meeting defined goals and dates in the information systems department and free doughnuts and bagels.

Krispy Kreme observes eight holidays. The company offers two weeks of vacation the first year which is prorated depending on start date, three weeks after two years, and four weeks after fifteen years. The company pays for short-term disability, life insurance, and tuition reimbursement and matches employee contributions to a 401(k) plan. The company pays the majority of the costs for medical and dental insurance.


Krispy Kreme looks for candidates with at least an Associate's degree in Computer Science, Mathematics, or a related field. A Bachelor's degree is preferred. Technical skills needed depend on the position being filled, with RPG, CL, and AS/400 experience needed for work on the AS/400 and Visual Basic and Microsoft Access experience needed for work on the PCs. Client-server experience is very helpful. The company looks particularly for candidates with a customer-service orientation and an understanding of how family-run businesses operate. Current staff members have from 18 months to 40 years of experience and 3 years of college. The company does occasionally hire entry-level computer professionals.

Krispy Kreme finds its one or two new computer professionals a year through personal contacts and advertisements.


Letters are preferred.

Mr. Art Sorensen, Director, Information Services
Krispy Kreme Doughnuts
P.O. Box 83
370 Knollwood St., Suite 500
Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27102
(910) 725-2981

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