"It doesn't have to be an exact technical match [with our dp environment]. We are more concerned with the ability to do the job."
— Giant Food representative

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Giant is a 153-store grocery-store chain. All registers in the stores are computerized. "When a can of tomatoes is sold, we know which store sold it." All of Giant's business is commercial. Founded in 1936, the company's Landover, Maryland, complex is corporate headquarters. They have 25,656 employees, called associates, and revenues of $3.35 billion.



Giant has an IBM 3081K and a 3083B. They use DOS/VSE and MVS operating systems. COBOL is the principal programming language, with some Assembler and BASIC, Additional software used includes CA-IDMS, CA-ADS/O, Easytrieve Plus, CICS, ROSCOE, and SDM, a project management tool from AGS Management.

Giant has 151 computer professionals, all working in the Data Processing Department. Functional areas within this department include Financial Systems, Point of Sale (POS), Store Systems, Billing, and the Information Center. Job titles include Junior Programmer, Programmer, Programmer Analyst, and Senior Programmer Analyst. About half of Giant's technical work is new development. They are in the process of installing an automated warehouse system at their dairy.


Computer professionals all work at corporate headquarters at 6300 Sheriff Road, Landover, Maryland, or in Jessup, Maryland. They work in cubicles with terminals. There is no smoking. Travel requirements are minimal. Overtime is worked as needed, and there is a compensatory time policy. Giant offers its computer professionals challenging work, competitive pay and benefits, growth potential, and internal training.

Giant observes 10 holidays. They offer two weeks of vacation to start and three weeks after eight years. The company pays for medical insurance, disability, dental, vision, life insurance ($7,500 - $25,000), sick leave, and a prescription plan. Tuition is reimbursed after one year and the company pays for retirement.


Giant looks for an excellent score on a programmer's aptitude test, good communication skills, and experience appropriate to the position being filled.

The company does hire entry-level people. The average computer professional at Giant has between four and five years of experience. New employees are found through advertisements, job fairs, and referrals, and occasionally through employment agencies when they are looking for very experienced people. Giant has a strong promotion-from-within policy.


Resumes are requested; phone calls are not accepted.

Employment Representative
Giant Food, Inc.
Dept. 541
P.O. Box 1804
Washington, D.C. 20013

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