"Our Systems: The largest installation of Computervision products by any domestic shipbuilder. Our Challenges: Utilize SQL and DB2 in the design and development of integrated CAD/CAM and CIM systems."
— Boston Globe ad for Quonset Point, Rhode Island facility

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General Dynamics Corporation designs and manufactures defense systems, submarines, Army combat tanks, aircraft, missiles, space hardware, and electronic systems. The Data Systems Division provides the computer software for the other General Dynamics divisions to produce weapons guidance systems, robots, and other automated manufacturing equipment.

General Dynamics Corporation was founded in 1952. The Data Systems Division was founded in 1973. The Data Systems Division has 874 employees, with 700 in the New England area. Corporate headquarters for the parent company, General Dynamics, is in St. Louis, Missouri. All of General Dynamic's business is with the U.S. Department of Defense.



The hardware environment at Data Systems Division, Eastern Center (DSD-EC) includes a 3090, a 3081K, and two 3033s running under MVS/XA and MVS/SP, and a UNISYS 1100/83 Series, running under EXEC 8. Programming languages used include COBOL, PL/I, FORTRAN, PASCAL, BAL, and Assembler. Additional software used includes IMS, DB2, CA-IDMS, CICS, ADF and RAMIS II. There is a CAD/CAM system which is centered on Computervision Graphic Systems, DEC/ADAGE systems for interactive part nesting, and IBM software for numerical control.

This Division has 700 computer professionals working in Business Systems Development, CAD/CAM, Product Software, Engineering Systems, and Technical Services. Job titles include Associate Computer Systems Analyst, Computer Systems Staff Specialist or Associate Engineer, and Computer Systems Engineering Specialist, Senior. Eighty percent of the work is new development. On a recent project, steel processing operations were consolidated into an automated, flexible manufacturing system.


Computer professionals work at division headquarters in Norwich, Connecticut, as well as Groton, Connecticut, and Quonset Point, Rhode Island. There is one terminal for every cubicle. Smoking is allowed only in one conference room and in the cafeteria. Travel requirements depend on the project. Usually, no overtime is required.

The company is proud of its state-of-the-art technology and its job security. They believe they offer computer professionals interesting projects and excellent benefits.

The company observes 11 holidays. They offer 12 days of vacation to start, 16 days after 10 years, and 20 days after 20 years. The company has a flexible benefits plan. All employees choose coverage for medical insurance, life insurance, and long-term disability. Optional coverage includes dependent life insurance and dental care.

After one year of employment, employees are eligible for a company-funded retirement plan and may join a savings and stock investment plan in which the company contributes $.75 for every dollar contributed by employees. There is a year-round program of activities including golf, skiing, rifle competition, archery, sailing, and scuba. There has not been a layoff of any significant number since 1985.


The primary qualification for candidates is a Computer Science-related college degree. Candidates with relevant experience and technical training will be considered. The average computer professional has 10 years of experience and a Bachelor's degree. The company does hire entry-level computer professionals. Candidates should have a B.S. in Computer Science, Math, or MIS. Most computer professionals hired are new college graduates (40 percent) and employee referrals (10 percent). In the last year, the company hired 109 computer professionals.


Letters are preferred.

Ms. Joan Evans-Hunter, Human Resources Specialist
(203) 823-2395
General Dynamics/Data Systems Division
Eastern Center
100 Winnenden Road
Norwich, Connecticut 06360

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