"Department managers can be handling $15 million to $20 million contracts in their 30s. People can be Vice Presidents in their late 30s, early 40s."
— Samuel J. Bresler, Corporate Director, Employee Relations

Varied hardware and software
Professional services Large shop


Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) provides system integration, application and management of information systems, claims processing, and credit and tax processing services for federal and commercial customers.

Founded in 1959, CSC's 26,000 employees generated revenues of approximately $2 billion. The company's corporate headquarters is in El Segundo, California. Between 5,000 and 6,000 employees are in the Baltimore-Washington, D. C. area.



The hardware and software environment at CSC's customer sites span virtually all variations. The Applied Technology Division specializes in supporting multi-disciplinary contracts at major government facilities. The Network Integration Division focuses on the technology involved in the design, development, implementation, and operation of large-scale telecommunications networks.

The Systems Engineering Division develops state-of-the art technology to apply to large-scale systems engineering projects. The System Sciences Division provides large-scale software system design, retrieval, processing, and analysis of scientific data from satellite and space probe experiments and air traffic control systems. The Industry Services Group provides tax-return preparation, financial insurance software, and management of Medicaid programs.

CSC has both technical and management career tracks. Job titles on the technical track include Associate Member of the Technical Staff (AMTS) or Associate Consultant, Member of the Technical Staff (MTS at A or B levels), Consultant, Senior Member of the Technical Staff, Computer Scientist, and Senior Computer Scientist. In addition to these positions, some divisions may have Member of the Advisory Staff, Senior Member of the Advisory Staff, and Senior Member of the Executive Staff.


Computer professionals work at CSC's offices or at a customer's site. CSC offers computer professionals variety in their assignments, the opportunity to work with talented colleagues, and a dynamic environment with substantial growth.

CSC observes nine holidays. They offer two weeks of vacation to start, increasing to a maximum of four weeks. CSC has medical, disability, dental and life insurance. They also offer tuition reimbursement, a retirement plan, and a 401(k) savings plan.

CSC has had to cope with occasional downsizing. They provide laid-off employees with resume and outplacement services.


CSC looks first for a technical match in a candidate, then for a fit with the environment of the hiring division. The average computer professional has a midrange level of experience. CSC does hire entry-level people. Entry-level people should have job-related courses, internship or co-op experience, and leadership skills.

CSC finds new employees through advertisements, college recruiting, employee referrals, open houses, and job fairs, and occasionally through employment agencies.


Write the Human Resources Manager at any of the followiing locations:

Computer Sciences Corporation
Applied Technology Division
Falls Church Service Center
6565 Arlington Blvd.
Falls Church, Virginia 22042

Computer Sciences Corporation
Network Integration Division
3001 Centreville Rd.
Herndon, Virginia 22071

Computer Sciences Corporation
Systems Engineering Division
3160 Fairview Park Drive
Falls Church, Virginia 22042

Computer Sciences Corporation
System Sciences Division
4061 Powder Mill Rd.
Calverton, Maryland 20705

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